Astra Launch™ Technology Assessment Tool

Welcome to the Astra Launch™ Assessment Tool

A method for assessing the commercialisation potential of research and technology

The Astra Launch™ tool provides a practical framework for the assessment of research and technologies to identify those projects with the greatest potential for commercialisation.

Developed through research and in collaboration with commercialisation practitioners and partners, Astra Launch™ supports the difficult task of managing research technological commercialisation. It directly addresses the need to improve the success rate of research and innovation projects and provides a more organised and transparent system for the assessment and improvement of those projects.

Astra Launch™
  • is easy to understand and implement
  • allows better informed decision-making about the commercialisation potential of research or technology
  • is custom-designed for research institutions
  • provides an assessment method backed and validated by research
  • is suitable for use in a diversity of organisations
  • is flexible to the needs of the host organisation as the model allows customisation

Outcomes that can be achieved using Astra Launch™:
  • Assessment of research projects (Assessing)
  • Prioritisation of research projects within a portfolio (Structuring)
  • Identification of project issues (Risk Management)
  • Guidance of the development process (Developing)